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Medical Medium Living Words

Medical Medium Living Words, from the Medical Medium Podcast:


The information in this podcast and the article below is advanced, ahead of science and research, and is part of the Medical Medium information that has helped to heal millions of people worldwide. Please cite back to this original source so others have the opportunity to recover and get their lives back.


You're not lost, you're not confused,

You're not any less than, you're more than,

It doesn't matter what anybody thinks about you,

You're better than what they believe, is true,

Just because they feel fine, they think they know it all,

Sometimes, that may be true, but this time their wrong about you,

Because after all, you're the one who knows more,

When it comes to you, you're the one that's right, after all,

When you look around you, it's hard for you to see for now,

You're mind moves at a different time, then everyone else,

Sometimes your words feel like they don't come out,

But that's not how it's always going to be,

Try to remember the days before, in the past when you were free,

You're heading back to that place, and soon to be in a better state,

You're going to rise above this fog, and start with a brand new slate,

Peace of mind is on your side, and can't be taken from you, this time,

And try to remember that peace of mind, has always been in you, and that's where it resides.

When you recover from this moment in life,

There won't be a need to apologize twice,

Save those sorrys for a rainy day,

From here on out, it's not going to be a word, you ever have to say,

I know it's hard to think, someone else has been there before,

They found out how to turn their lives around, and their problem was no more,

This eclipse in life did not get the best of you,

Although, sometimes you feel it will break the last link in you,

Listen to the birds as they fly by,

They know who you are, just listen to them sing,

They fly above the mist, above the clouds, and they know you will to,

The air is clearer up there, and in your mind, you'll clear the air, and be able to sing to,

I know how it works, every time you reached out for help,

The white coat doesn't understand your pain, they think your disorder has quirks,

But that's okay for now, science and research always thinks the worst,

Sometimes in your head, there's a lot of chatter, not to worry though, it's a high intelligence factor,

You gained more wisdom, within the time of being sick, than the previous latter,

You're even smarter than that, you're now climbing the healing ladder,

Keep this one thing inside your heart, so you never give up on yourself,

Your heart knows how wise you are, your heart knows who you are,

You have everything it takes, you can do this part,

You can rise out of the ashes,

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal.

This item posted: 13-Oct-2020

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