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Medical Medium Living Words

Medical Medium Living Words, from the Medical Medium Podcast:

B12 Trick Or Treat: We Don't Get It From Meat

The information in this podcast and the article below is advanced, ahead of science and research, and is part of the Medical Medium information that has helped to heal millions of people worldwide. Please cite back to this original source so others have the opportunity to recover and get their lives back.

B12 Trick Or Treat: We Don't Get It From Meat

When someone judges us and disregards us,

Looking straight in our eyes, at the same time ignoring us,

Overestimating how much they know about us, and the other person who sits alongside us,

Only to find out this whole time that they were wrong in the end,

And it turns out, we were their only true friend,

And the very person that can help them transcend,

If we find this confusing, see it as a lesson to how b12 is not worth losing,

Without it, what could come is a serious mental bruising,

Sending people down a rabbit hole against their own choosing,

Practically limiting all their chances of finally healing,

Only to lose them down a different path, when they just needed some soothing,

But yet B12 became a rope, to pull them out of a down slope,

When used in the right way, it can bring a tremendous amount of hope, as B12 enters the inner lobe,

In the future day and age, this nutrient will be one of the very things that saves the human race,

While the system hides it without a trace,

Holds us back from using it,

Changes its composition, synthesizes it, so it falls from grace,

And the darkness breaths upon it, convincing many that it's a disgrace,

Withholding it from the ones that need it the most, the ones that are battling the darkness, as it acts like their host, no joke,

The goal to control the people as they burn their minds out, looking down, at the square rectangle lit up handle,

Losing more B12 every time they dial out, radiation in their hand as their cell towers dry them out, causing a neurotransmitter B12 drought,

Shifting their brain, making it hard to stay sane, causing them to have enormous self-doubt,

Giving the medical industry more money than ever before and clout,

Without it we are nothing, it doesn't matter if you thought you were somebody or something,

If we don't get a refill throughout our busy lives we can tank, our bodies become weak, it's already happened to many,

What happened to them, could happen to you, they sank, no thanks,

We're not in this place now, this powerhouse hasn't been disallowed, it's okay enough not to do a B12 bow,

But the time is coming nobody knew, it's leaving us behind, pushing us forward, driving us through,

Don't get too comfortable it's on its way, it's coming soon towards us, it's true,

You hear the big clock strike twelve,

The number chosen for a powerhouse of the nutritional world, sometimes it only takes one douse,

It slows down time for human life itself,

Helping us to live longer, and gives us a better life while sustaining ourselves,

The red liquid can be a life savior, allowing us to see and feel so much better,

Especially when our sickness pushes our behavior, because it can be so hard here,

We need every little thing to bring us to the next tier, we need a favor,

When we give our body what it needs, something miraculous can happen,

A reigniting is so worth fighting for,

Putting our troubles behind us, sending them out the door,

A healing can happen allowing us to be free and soar, it can't be ignored,

You can rise out of the ashes,

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal.

This item posted: 02-Nov-2020

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