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Anxiety: They Say It's All In Your Head

This feeling is hard to express, no one understands the level of distress,

Why can’t anyone ever see, the difference I’m up against, 

The struggle inside, the difference in me, leave me alone, 

I’ll run and hide to be free, just let me be, 

No, wait, just be with me, 

Do they even know, you’re being pressured to always put on a show, 

While hiding these uncomfortable sensations, as you’re being pushed to your last nerve,

They seem like they’re gonna go, who knows, if someone else going through this very pain, would concur,

Tell me this now, is it me, is it you, who must we all serve, 

Is it above us all, since it feels like we can’t fix it down here, 

What about up there, high up away from this earth, is the answer there for my nerves,

Is it peace we’re searching for, it’s peace inside of you, that you truly deserve, 

I’ve been so busy monitoring my emotional reserves, I’m giving it everything I got, to preserve,

I just need a helping hand, I can use a safe place to land, I’m not asking for a grandstand, 

I know I get so sensitive, sometimes I feel like a baby lamb, 

I need to get past this unease, this is no way a disease,

I’m tired of my nerves, getting slammed, 

What I’m looking for is a grand slam,

I know what it’s like to be under the gun, my nerves push me away from seeing the sun, I’ve been patient seeing everyone else have all the fun,

Closing my eyes so much of the time, feels like I’ve been shunned, 

Sometimes snow-blind, this feeling inside of me, has me on the run, 

In times of trouble, I retreat into a bubble, 

Just give it to me straight, hand it over now, it’s time for a blank slate, 

Bring me back to the days when I was in a normal state, 

Not like it feels now, going from subtle to a pile of rubble, 

One minute it’s calm and slows down, another it’s full throttle.

I know a part of you feels like it’s lost and gone, it was left behind you, a long time ago, you know the old song, 

When the emotional wave rolled through you, as you wondered, what did you ever do wrong, 

But this isn’t how it’s always going to be, I don’t care what it takes, you will be set free,

Doesn’t matter if we have to call upon the powers that be, we’ll do whatever it takes until you’re able to see,

This emotional sorrow is not going to last forever, I know you want it gone tomorrow, 

We will turn back time, we can borrow, it’s time to heal, strengthen your will, 

You can put this chapter in a box, place it on the top shelf, where no one can reach it, but yourself,
Your nerves will no longer be breached, even if it feels like anxiety is a monstrosity,

You will be unphased, that’s your future, you will no longer have to be beseeched, your mind in a glaze, 

Your soul is powerful, your bold, no one can buy you, you can never be bought or sold,

You can rise out of the ashes,

See, I believe in you,

And I know, you can heal.

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