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Air Fresheners, Scented Candles, Colognes & Perfumes: Killing You Smelly

Domestic chemical warfare,

Shows us that the spiritual war around us, and above us, is real,

Industries change the air we breathe,

without our say, and without a choice,

They decide what our air becomes,

and make the air we breathe, come at a cost,

As we know, life is hard enough on this earthly plane,

with all we have to fight for, in order to stay sane,

The air we breathe is a natural part of our life,

And should always be pure, and should stay free of darkness,

Because it’s of the light,

If something so simple, as the breath of life,

gets altered, changed or tampered with,

and makes it so we lose our senses,

to what smells good, safe, and right,

then we lost one of the most important freedoms of our life,

When we awaken to what’s wrong with the air we breathe,

We see things in a way that they are not supposed to be,

As the years go by, and we live our lives,
gone are the days, that our air, didn’t come with a price,

Invisible sickness, inside the air, every breath you take is unbelievably unfair,

It wouldn’t matter if time stood still, the damage is done, so many are getting ill,

We can never look back if we don’t know what it was like,

The past is behind us, the present is here, the future can be ruined with all the bad air,

Air should be pure, air should be clean,

It’s our god given right for our body to receive.

With the insight and the knowledge,

We can take control of our life,

And rise out the ashes,

see, I believe in you,

and I know you can heal.

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