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Cirrhosis and Liver Scar Tissue

Millions of people—over a billion globally—have what I call pericirrhosis, a condition that may take decades for medical science to discover. This is a transition period before cirrhosis that can occur subtly in various tiny spots in the liver and go unnoticed long term. Pericirrhosis can happen for that person who has a glass of wine every other night and eats too much steak or has been on prescription medication for 20 years. In many cases, pericirrhosis and cirrhosis don’t even happen as a result of drug or alcohol damage to the liver. 


Cirrhosis is a process of liver cells becoming damaged faster than they can be rejuvenated. Millions of Americans alone have scar tissue in the liver. When someone’s liver is stagnant from holding on to too many toxins, that’s one way for scar tissue to form. In many cases, an elevated inflammatory reaction happens due to one or more viruses inside the liver. If an aggressive virus or bacterium that’s not easy to neutralize escapes past the white blood cells assigned to the liver’s portal vein and hepatic artery, the pathogen can avoid becoming incarcerated and cause trouble. 


Liver scar tissue builds up chronically when liver cells aren’t rejuvenating in enough time before the next round of instigators appears, whether they’re from toxic food, toxic substances in the bloodstream, pesticide or other chemical exposure, medication, or the like. For many people, it won’t be until the liver is fully loaded with poisons and pathogens before scar tissue can be diagnosed at the doctor’s office. In all cases that aren’t alcohol or drug abuse related, they’ll never know what’s really causing the scarring. 


Natural microadhesions are created as a protective measure to wall off a controllable level of poisons, but when the liver is pushed to a certain point, viruses and highly toxic troublemakers can also create their own microadhesions or even lesions, which also contribute to liver scarring.


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