A Medical Medium Light Blast testimonial:

Six Years Infertile

Light Blast, What People Are Saying

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Its taken me a couple of days to reflect on the incredible light blast experience and put into words how this Godly event had an impact on me.

My husband and I both signed up for the light blast. Together, we have suffered from infertility over the last 6+ years but intensely since 2019 when we were diagnosed and went through the IVF journey. We asked God and the angels for healing us, and for a miracle. For a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth. A light blast baby if you will. Adam worked from home that day, and we laid in bed during the light blast, side by side holding hands. No matter what healing has taken place on us, it was a divine moment and incredibly special to me for that reason alone. Something I will never forget.

When AW said, “spirit says everyone that is meant to be here is here” I welled up with emotion. So many times in life we are made to feel unwanted, discarded, and abandoned. To just hear the message, that I was meant to be there, filled me up with love.

During the light blast I did as AW suggested and pictured a funnel at the top of my head. Each time he said “light” I pictured light moving through the funnel and into me. It all feels like a dream now, but I remember feeling like something was moving through my eyes, like a pulse every time he said “light” while my eyes were closed. I felt tingly in my feet after the 2nd or 3rd blast. Afterwards I was so tired, I could barely get up. I could have slept all night but forced myself to get up after napping for 2 hours and when I did I felt the strangest sensation of being heavy and light all at once. Heavy body, & super light head. I slept so hard that night and by the next morning I felt renewed. 

I am so grateful to have received the light from above, from God, & to have been a part of such a historic moment in time. For those that are skeptics just take a look at the Nasa report for the time of the blast and the sun flares that took place. 

As far as my fertility journey goes, no matter what happens, I am birthing a new me and I feel blessed.


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