A Medical Medium Light Blast testimonial:

Negative Energy Gone

Light Blast, What People Are Saying

Repost from @lorrainel_uk

I'll never forget the moment the light blast started for me. I tuned in and heard Anthony say "a bunch of you just came on". I was feeling a little tense and nervous from all the anticipation, so I was grateful for the regular deep breaths. I needed to breathe! The top of my head was also aching a little.

Right when he was building up to the first light blast, it suddenly started to rain heavily outside. I was thinking oh wow, maybe I can imagine the rain as light coming down! It was so surreal.

At some point I started to feel cold. My feet felt cold. So I pulled something warm around my shoulders that had been draped on the back of my chair.

Fascinated by the process, I barely registered what the first light blast did inside my body. At some point (maybe the 2nd round?) it felt as if the light was stuck in my chest area. By the 3rd round I think it had moved down or through. Pretty sure I was one of those tough cookies! The intensity with which Anthony did the final round was kind of unexpected. I was thinking wow! Is this really happening? It was like a dream.

I asked for soul healing, to heal a relationship, and to get unstuck. Those were my thoughts when Anthony asked us why we were here and what we wanted from this light blast. I received a profound emotional shift. Pretty sure lots of blocked negative energy flew away in shards. Tears of gratitude were shed.

I was so focused and slightly overwhelmed with the magnitude of it all that I didn't notice any other sensations in my body. I didn't see or feel anything in particular. Just an overwhelming sense of being present in the moment. I was connected to Anthony and Spirit of Compassion and everyone present in a way that I had never dreamed possible. It was a very special moment in my life; one that I'll always treasure. A moment in time that is now permanently etched in my soul.

Thank you @medicalmedium and the whole MM team for offering the light blast free of charge and for working so hard to get it done. Thank you Spirit of Compassion for accounting for every single one of us and for guiding and protecting Anthony until it was done. I'm so very grateful.


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