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A Medical Medium Light Blast testimonial:

Most Profound Moment Of My Life

Light Blast, What People Are Saying

 Repost from @marisaspiritual

Are you still reflecting and reminiscing about the @medicalmedium Light Blast?

What a profound experience, body and Soul.

To be put simply, the most gentle and relaxing, yet deeply cleansing and healing encounter with the Light, with God. Although held virtually, it was palpable how you could feel surrounded by the many Souls, the many beating hearts, sharing in together a moment that transcended time and space.

An elevated connection, one that defines hope and faith, one that each and every Soul is capable of receiving. Making room for purpose and truth to shine. A reminder that regardless of our experiences in this life, we do not need to carry the darkness of each encounter. Revealing the truth of our very essence.

We are living at a time where we have been conditioned to believe and to accept the very poisons and toxins that are responsible for our suffering, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Allowing these toxins and poisons to be considered normal, even necessary. Facilitated by manipulation, disguise, and deceit, when we engage in this darkness, whether consciously or subconsciously, it creates blockages in all the many different forms throughout our being, body and Soul.

Impairing our words, our vision and thoughts, movements and actions, our truth. Impairing the connection to ourselves, our Soul, and to the Light. Stripping us of empowerment.

What can truly clear and heal those blockages? Light. That is what @medicalmedium information is, Light. Every piece of it, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

The truth, answers, resources. The healing foods, living water, pure supplements. The cleanses, mediations, heavenly support. The guidance, purpose, direction. The living words, compassion, and unity. Light, Light, Light.

Thank you Anthony and Spirit of Compassion.


Medical Medium
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