Brain Shot Therapy Challenge:

Day 6: Burnout Stabilizer

In this video, join me for Day 6 of the Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy Challenge as I talk about and show you how to make the Medical Medium Burnout Stabilizer Brain Shot from the New York Times best-selling Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. This healing Brain Shot can help you when you are running on empty, overworked, feel pushed past your limit, or need a recharge. Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy can help by offering you instant, in-the-moment relief along with assisting you longer term with recovery from chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions.

For the Burnout Stabilizer recipe and instructions, follow the video above and click to view the recipe below:

Burnout Stabilizer

Use this shot when: You’re feeling pushed past your limit You need a recharge You feel like you’re missing something that your body needs, or you feel like you’re running on ...


Thank you for participating in the Brain Shot Therapy Challenge

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