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Addictions Part 1

Do you have a loved one who has struggled with addiction or have you struggled with an addiction yourself? Addictions can be one of the hardest battles we fight in a lifetime. One of the most difficult parts of suffering with an addiction is trying to understand what provokes the addiction and how we find ourselves trapped in a place of suffering time and time again. Hopefully this article will provide you with some much needed answers and encouragement for healing.

Answers for Addictions

Have you ever heard someone say they have an addictive personality? Perhaps you’ve even said this about yourself. This is a common idea that’s thrown around. But, why do we get hooked on these addictions to begin with? What is driving them? Do addictions stem from a physical problem or emotional distress? There are so many mysteries surrounding addictions and people deserve to know the answers.

Roots of Addiction

You might be surprised to learn that there are two different deep roots behind other addictions. Don’t be confused— there are many other factors that can play a part alongside these two foundational roots, but these two roots are always at work. One root is adrenaline and the other root is glucose deficiency. From these two root issues stem countless possible addictions including alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, food addiction, diet soda addiction, extreme dangerous sports addiction, and more. No matter what type of addiction you maybe struggling with, adrenaline, a lack of glucose, or a combination of the two are likely to play a foundational piece in your addiction. Life stressors, immense pressure, or mental abuse are all triggers that can play a role in stirring up specific addictions, but when it comes to most addictions, the roots can be found in a glucose depletion or adrenaline surge dependency which can lead to adrenaline addiction. There is usually also toxic heavy metals in the brain of someone with an addiction that need to be removed.

Glucose Depletion

To understand addictions, we have to first begin with an understanding of just how important glucose is for our bodies. Glucose is a sugar that is found in fruits, starchy vegetables, and honey. Every single cell in our body runs off glucose for fuel. No where is this more obvious than our brain which relies on critical levels of glucose in order to function optimally. When we're deprived of this glucose, we will become obsessed with getting it from a different source because it is absolutely critical for our survival. If you’ve ever found yourself desperate for a sugary treat, a chocolate bar, a glass of wine or any kind of white bread or pasta, what your body is actually longing for is glucose from fruits and vegetables. When the glucose levels in our body and brain are depleted, we are opening the door to a multitude of addictions, such as processed sugar addiction, and are setting ourselves up for the second root cause of addictions: adrenaline addiction.

Adrenaline Addiction

When your body has no glucose left to run on, like from skipping too many meals, your adrenals will begin pumping adrenaline into your body in an experience commonly known as a "rush". But these days, so many of us are running on adrenaline all the time that we might not even recognize what is happening. Adrenaline is not only highly addictive but also destructive in our bodies and not meant to be something that our bodies rely on day in and day out. The stress and pressures of life, poor eating choices, and environmental toxins can all play a role in the daily adrenaline surges we may experience. Becoming hooked on the feeling of adrenaline contributes to almost every addictive pattern whether it be drug addiction, extreme sports addiction, anger addiction, coffee addiction, and many more. This concept will be further discussed below but for now, the most important thing to understand is the idea that our bodies desperately need glucose and will obsessively try to find it. In fact, we need to be consuming glucose every two hours to prevent adrenaline from rushing out of our adrenals. If no glucose is found, the body relies on addictive adrenaline surges to get through the day and we then find ourselves facing the potential for all varieties of devastating addictions that provide us with a lesser form of fuel or can give us another rush of adrenaline. Glucose depletion and adrenaline addiction can also create symptoms of confusion, brain fog, and fatigue in young people, which can then lead to medications being prescribed for these symptoms and conditions like ADHD. This is a very common occurrence with students who are struggling. Part of what these young people really need is more of the natural glucose and mineral salts their brains run on.

Food Addiction

As humans, it is critical that we eat, but many people experience pain, confusion, and suffering around food and eating issues. Every person has to plan out what to eat and when to eat, but it can be terribly confusing with all the misinformation out there surrounding food and diets. If you struggle with food issues, know that you are not alone. Most people, even food “experts” and people who seem to have mastered their own way of eating, likely have issues with food. A food issue can look different for each individual. Some people may have issues with eating too much, while others have issues with not eating enough. Some people are consumed with worry about what they are eating or planning to eat, while others have an issue with remembering to eat altogether. Whatever your unique food issue may be, it is important to know that you are not alone in this struggle. It is true that many people use food to cope emotionally, but there’s more to emotional eating than many people understand. Your body is absolutely dependent on food to survive, so it's essential that we look closely at what is going on with our relationship to food, especially our relationship to glucose, which is a very important form of sugar and the fuel our body needs most.

The Right Kind of Sugar

If you fill your coffee with sugar cubes or grab for a slice of cheese, which is filled with a highly concentrated form of sugar called lactose, you are not supplying your brain and body with the correct kind of glucose. This is just one example of the wrong sugar. You can also get the wrong sugar from alcohol, and refined sugars in candy, cakes, sodas, and almost all packaged foods. If you continuously grab for the wrong kind of sugar when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you’re most likely glucose deficient in the brain and other vital organs. Because of this, an addiction to the wrong kind of sugar may arise. In this instance, it is important to realize that your body is desperately seeking out the natural sugar found in fresh fruits and starchy vegetables. This healing glucose and natural sugars assist the body in countless ways including supporting neurotransmitter chemicals and helping stave off addictions.

No-Sugar Diets

Stay away from high-fat, no-sugar diets if possible. Your body is made to run on glucose and if you attempt to stay away from natural sugars, you may wind up with an adrenaline addiction. Running off adrenaline may cause some desired weight loss initially, but it's important to know that over time, the corrosive adrenaline rushing through your body can easily burn out your adrenals and create and worsen other serious health conditions. Consequently, you may experience adrenal fatigue five to ten years after your attempt at a longer term low-carbohydrate diet. A lack of life-giving glucose in your diet can easily lead to an addiction to unhealthy sugars or an addiction to binge eating.

Avoiding the Adrenaline Rush

If you try to stay away from refined, unhealthy sugars, but don’t replace those sugars with the natural sugars found in fresh fruits and starchy vegetables, after a while, adrenaline will begin to flood your system every time you see your favorite sweet treat advertised on T.V., pass the candy aisle at the grocery store, or see a friend pouring a glass of wine. You may notice yourself feeling excited or internally shaking, which are signs of the adrenaline rush that is happening. You need to flood your system with healing natural sugars and consume some glucose every one to two hours to prevent these adrenaline surges from ravaging the body. If you do end up buying and eating a package of candy or cookies, your adrenals will race even more in your excitement as you prepare to eat the treat. This adrenaline rush can occur if you are attempting to avoid anything, be it diet soda, alcohol, drugs, or many other addictions, if you don’t supply your brain and body with an ample amount of healing glucose. Surprisingly, you can become incredibly euphoric from the adrenaline coursing through your veins even before you take a sip of soda, binge eat, have a drink of alcohol, or use a drug. It’s challenging to break an addiction cycle once it begins, so it is important to take steps to avoid creating an addiction by supplying your body with ample sugars from fresh fruits and veggies even if you do not presently struggle with an obvious addiction.  

When it comes to breaking any kind of food addiction, it is important to incorporate leafy greens. Spinach and maché are two powerful leafy greens to try incorporating. Spinach can be an incredible addiction-fighting food when eaten on a daily basis. If you want to stop an addiction to chocolate, the answer is not to cut out all sugars. Instead, bring in the sugars that will help your brain and body thrive— fruit sugars! Try bringing in dates, melons, mangos, bananas and other glucose-rich fruits that can actually support your brain and body.

Alcohol Addiction

If you struggle with an alcohol addiction, it is important to realize that your brain is most likely in desperate need of glucose. Although the methyl-sugar found in alcohol can quickly get to the brain, it can also be incredibly harmful. Unlike healing glucose found in fruits and starchy vegetables, the methyl-sugar found in alcohol can pickle the brain over time like cucumbers in a jar of vinegar. Instead of flooding your brain with alcohol’s harmful methyl-sugar, try to start flooding your body with the natural glucose it craves. Start replacing your wine and vodka with the foods from which these drinks were derived— grapes and potatoes, or choose whichever fruits you like best. Bringing any high-glucose containing fruit into your diet is a critical step as you begin to break free from an alcohol addiction.

For many alcoholics, food is not always desired. Some alcoholics may go days without food or nibble on small portions while getting most of their daily calories from alcohol. When it comes to letting go of an alcohol addiction, it is important to start bringing food back into the diet in the form of ample snacks and meals throughout the day that are brimming with glucose-rich fruits and veggies. Dates can be an incredible food when it comes to combating alcohol addiction. Other foods to try incorporating include dried mango and fresh papaya.

Drug Addiction

If you are addicted to any kind of drug, you are most likely suffering from both glucose deficiency and adrenaline addiction. If you are addicted to opiates, you may have an opiate addiction as well as an adrenaline addiction. Unfortunately, these two addictions can work together to wreak even greater havoc. An opiate addiction can be incredibly hard to break because when a person uses, their adrenaline runs full throttle. An amphetamine addiction can be challenging to break in a similar way because every time a person takes an amphetamine, their adrenals flood the body with adrenaline. When it comes to breaking a drug addiction, it is important to bring in an abundance of mineral salts from vegetables, leafy greens, and certain fruits. One simple way to bring in mineral salts is having a daily glass of lemon water. Another critical piece is bringing in the right kind of glucose. Try bringing in wild blueberries, apples, melons, mangoes, papaya, or whatever glucose-rich foods you or your loved one desires. Raw honey is another incredible food that is jam-packed with minerals.        
When it comes to healing from drug addiction is it important to try and eat nourishing foods every hour or hour and a half. Celery and celery juice can be incredibly healing for all addictions, but especially drug addictions. Celery can help with the detox process by purging the liver of toxins. Someone trying to heal from a drug addiction may not only be suffering from a glucose deficiency and an adrenaline addiction, but most likely has an extremely clogged liver as well. It’s critical to understand how the liver works and what it needs, all of which I share in detail in my book, Liver Rescue. Seeking a good doctor, clinic or rehabilitation support should always be considered for drug addictions of any kind. 

Breaking Addictions

As you can see, when it comes to combating addiction it is important that you fuel your body properly and understand the role of adrenaline in the addiction cycle. For example, bulimia is a challenging disorder to break because it is incredibly easy to become addicted to the tremendous amount of adrenaline that surges when the contents of the stomach are forced up. Although an emotional hardship or toxic heavy metals in the brain can certainly play a role in someone’s bulimia, it is critical to understand that there is an addictive adrenaline high that can create a euphoric feeling when someone acts on their eating disorder behaviors. Understanding this adrenaline component can be extremely helpful for someone seeking to recover from bulimia. In this same way, when you are addicted to smoking cigarettes, you may unknowingly experience an adrenaline surge which signals you to take a break and smoke a cigarette. When it comes to breaking free from any adrenaline-related addiction, It is critically important that you support the glycogen storage in the brain by fueling your body with ample fruits and veggies. The natural sugar does an incredible job of supporting the electrical inner-workings of the brain, and plays a vital role in keeping us from falling victim to other addictions.

The Importance of Glucose & Mineral Salts

At different times in our lives we all might experience a glucose deficiency and we must work to flood our system with nourishing natural sugars. A glucose deficit in the brain maybe the problem behind as much as 90% of addictions, and someone healing from an addiction needs to flood their brain and body with the right kind of glucose. If you do not provide the brain with enough healing glucose, the addiction, whether it be to cigarettes, alcohol, diet soda, anger, or more, will most likely continue to wreak havoc. Not only do fruits and vegetables supply the body with life-giving glucose, but many of these foods contain a high mineral content that can help feed neurotransmitters and support and restore overall brain health. Spinach and kale are two vegetables that are loaded with healing mineral salts. Mineral-rich fruits include cranberries, wild blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwis, dates, and melons.

To understand the importance of these natural mineral salts, we have to take a closer look at how our brains are designed. The brain is filled with neurons. Each neuron has an electrical impulse that crosses from one side of the neuron to the other with the support of neurotransmitter chemicals. These electrical impulses need sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and glucose to zip across the neurons successfully. Unfortunately, when someone experiences severe stress or pressure, the neurotransmitter chemicals diminish and the electrical impulses no longer have the support they need to cross the neurons. The electrical impulses may heat up as they try to cross the neurons and can begin to short circuit as a result. If enough electrical impulses short circuit in someone’s brain, there is a high likelihood that the person may become addicted to something such as unhealthy foods because brain fog, confusion, and fatigue often result in excess hunger. In these moments, what your body actually needs is glucose and mineral salt rich foods which can help cool down the electrical impulses and support the neurotransmitter chemicals. Incorporating the heavy metal detox daily is another important practice as you heal from an addiction. By clearing heavy metals out of the brain, you can make room in the brain for neurotransmitter chemicals to build up and thrive once again.

Healing Foods & Supplements

There are a variety of supportive supplements you may want to consider incorporating while working to overcome an addiction. PharmaGABA and 5HTP are wonderful for neurotransmitter chemical support. Lemon balm can be a great herb for the nerves and brain. California poppy can be a great supplement for someone who is trying to break any kind of addiction. Inositol or a supplement containing inositol may be beneficial as well.

An ample amount of vitamin C is a powerful weapon against addictions. Not only does vitamin C support the adrenals, but it helps heal nerves that have been injured by past adrenaline surges. Check out the Medical Medium preferred supplements page for high-quality recommendations for Liposomal C and Ester C. Passionflower and elderflower tea are also helpful for the nervous system.

B-12 with adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin can be incredibly supportive as well as a high-quality B-complex supplement. Valerian may not be the best for someone with a sensitive stomach or sensitive nerves, but some people love valerian and find that it helps them. Bringing ginger into your diet can be helpful if you’re working to break an addiction.

Barley grass juice powder and spirulina are two powerful foods that are loaded with minerals and can help support neurotransmitter chemicals as well as help remove heavy metals from the body and brain. Fennel is an incredible addiction-fighting veggie filled with mineral salts and vitamin C. If you’re looking for a healing drink, try making fennel and celery juice. Wild blueberries, the most powerful food on the planet, can be an amazing addition to someone’s diet as they heal from an addiction. Try working with a practitioner who is open to helping you figure out which supplements and foods best support you.

Lowering the fat intake in your diet can be a supportive step when you are trying to stabilize your adrenals and neurotransmitter chemicals and flood your body with mineral and glucose rich foods. If you enjoy chicken or meat, try cutting down your animal protein consumption by half. If you eat a high-fat, plant-based diet, try lowering the total amount of fat you consume as well. These are just a few additional steps you may want to take to support optimal healing.

Moving Forward

Being a human being is not an easy task in our world and dealing with an addiction can be a brutal battle. Fortunately, there are answers for why you have certain behaviors and there are manageable steps you can take to begin to fight back against any addictions you face. The correct foods and supplements can make a life-changing impact on addictions big and small, so if you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction of any kind, see what life-giving foods or supplements you may be able to start incorporating. Know that you are not alone in your struggles with addiction. Many people struggle with addictions, but you can overcome them with the correct knowledge and dedication to giving your body what it needs. I support you and I believe in you.

This item posted: 01-Mar-2017


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