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Troublemakers That Make Us Sick - Chemical Neuroantagonists

Troublemakers That Make Us Sick - Chemical Neuroantagonists

The chemical neuroantagonists listed below are some of the heinous troublemakers that we come into contact with on an often daily basis in one way or another. You don’t have to be using them in your home to be exposed. They can drift in the air from surrounding homes, parks, and neighborhoods, or be inside or outside your work place or come via other means.

  • Chemical fertilizers
  • Chlorine
  • DDT
  • Fluoride
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Larvicides
  • Other pesticides
  • Smoke exposure of any kind

Let's take a brief look at a few of these troublemakers. Read more about each of them in Liver Rescue.

DDT, other pesticides, and herbicides are the major underlying cause of suppressed immune systems—they weaken people’s bodies so that pathogens and contaminants can take advantage. Generation after generation, DDT can make family members susceptible to the same illnesses, so that what’s really a condition that could be healed through detoxification is passed off instead as a genetic problem about which much can’t be done. 

While DDT may be in history books now, it is still preying on us—for example, by making our livers hypersensitive (viruses are the other cause of major liver distress), instigating diabetes, enlarging spleens and hearts, causing poor digestion, triggering migraines and chronic depression, creating skin disorders, and disrupting hormones. We are still exposed to DDT because it remains in our environment and gets into our food chain.

Fungicides are being used more and more everywhere, sprayed on new clothing and manufactured goods, from jeans to dresses to underwear to outerwear to socks to shoes to furniture to mattresses to blankets. Originally created for mold remediation in applications such as fungus on crops and in hospitals, since hospitals are a breeding ground for fungus, fungicides now have a broad usage. Fungicides have a perfume-y scent to them that sizzles the nose if you pay attention. Whenever you can wash or wipe down an item after you’ve bought it, do so.

Fluoride is an aluminum byproduct that is highly toxic to the liver, causing liver cell damage. 

Chlorine is highly toxic to the liver, it lowers the organ’s immune function. 

You can read more about the chemical neuroantagonists troublemaker group in Liver Rescue, along with information on how to cleanse these toxins out of your body and heal from chronic illnesses, symptoms, and conditions in both Liver Rescue and Cleanse to Heal.

This item posted: 19-Jan-2021

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