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The Taste Demon: Stopping You From Healing

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The Taste Demon: Stopping You From Healing

One of the biggest hills to climb when healing is getting past taste. What food tastes like can have a huge influence on a person taking the correct steps to reverse their symptoms and conditions. Even if the foods truly taste delicious, it doesn’t change the programming someone has adapted to for most or all of their life. This challenge is even far above that of comfort foods and soothing foods used to offset stress in someone’s life. The challenge can simply be just taste for many. Taste can get in the way of healing, period. People say they like apples, but after an apple or two a day, they give up on it. People say they love oranges, but after one or two oranges, they quit. People say they love salads, but as time goes on, the salad shape shifts into an entirely different meal that isn’t as healing as the one they started out with. Even something as universal as berries can be difficult for so many if the berries aren’t being drowned out with peanut butter and yogurt. One might think yogurt is healthy, but yogurt in most cases is dairy, and what if someone is sensitive to dairy products and it is in their best interest to avoid dairy in order to heal? Eating berries on their own or with other fruits can be challenging for most people, especially if they need to eat them every day to get the most out of the berries versus just once a week or once a month.

Fruits, leafy greens, wild foods, herbs, vegetables, tubers, roots, shoots, rhizomes and sea vegetables aren’t the most fun or easiest foods to eat when someone is used to grilled cheese for lunch, pizza for dinner and coffee and bagels in the morning. The Taste Demon can get in the way and thwart someone’s chances of healing or even getting to the finish line. People often forget the present moment as well, and instead think back on a time they were healthier for a moment in their life, but in reality, they haven’t been that way in months or years. These flash backs shape our reality when the truth is we haven’t eaten that well for a longer period of time than we believe. How someone enjoys what they are eating also shapes how far they will go to eat to heal. Everyone has a different threshold and palate.

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In this episode…

  • Discover how a person’s taste for food has more control over them than they would ever think.
  • Learn about what people like to indulge in and what power these addictions have over a person’s health.
  • Uncover the emotional injuries people have around food and how that plays a role in their eating habits.
  • Learn the infamous phrase that can change people’s perception of food in a damaging way.
  • Discover how a person’s specific level of toxins, poisons and exposures can affect their brain and alter how that person sees and tastes food.
  • Learn how no two people taste food the same and what that has to do with their brains.
  • Learn about the electrical impulses and signals traveling between cranial nerves and how toxic heavy metals, MSG, pesticides, herbicides and more can block or alter the brain’s messaging, and how this all plays into food.
  • Uncover The Taste Demon and how it can be the ultimate controller of whether or not you heal.
  • Discover why you may not like the taste of different fruits or leafy greens.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 11-Apr-2024

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