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Video: Swollen Lymphs Gone & Emotional Trauma Faded Away

Swollen Lymphs Gone & Emotional Trauma Faded Away

Swollen Lymphs Gone & Emotional Trauma Faded Away

Repost from @ellena_alexandraa

I will try to explain as much as I can because mostly its unexplainable.

I have a lot of soul/spirit and psych trauma, also physical ALS symptoms and other symptoms… I was sick for years and now I am healing because of MM info.

The day of light blast wasn’t easy for me. Symptoms got worse, emotional aspect got so much worse (for weeks I had raising thoughts and was in fight with my relative which put tremendous stress on my body, mind and adrenals). For weeks I had severe flu and swollen neck lymph nodes. As always everything built up one on top of another.

When Anthony started speaking I felt like he was sitting next to me, holding my hand, telling me I know you, I know your story and I see you. I also felt presence of Spirit. I can’t explain that, but I am sure many can relate to this divine experience that happened yesterday. I knew Spirit of Compassion saw me and I knew he had something no one ever had for me—compassion. I was seen! I was heard! I wasn’t alone! I was loved, understood and cared for.

Something happened, shifted, and tears came down I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t tears of suffering, it was tears of…everything…all emotions. It’s like I saw my life flashing before my eyes and I felt so sorry and such a deep love for myself. I wanted to release. It’s not even that I wanted it, it was happening automatically. When light went through me the first time I felt something but on a spiritual/soul level. Next few times I felt it in my neck/chest. I knew I was blocked. I always was. Last time Light came I felt like Angel hugged me. I felt like pieces of my soul reattached itself, I felt light in my hands. I needed it to be in my hands. I asked for it. When I got up from bed I felt a little sedated…a little drunk but not in bad way I guess. I felt light and I felt pure. I knew that my body and soul received deep healing. I slept well. Next morning I woke up and my hands got better, symptoms reduced. My swollen lymphs that I had for 2 weeks disappeared. Severe sore throat that I had for weeks disappeared and mostly nonstop mind dialogue and emotional trauma faded away. In addition, I feel that some negative energy that was hunting me cleared up, maybe it was karma, maybe it were demons, maybe just energy. It didn’t matter. It was gone. Light cleared up everything. I feel like I was reborn. I am so grateful Anthony and Spirit, words cannot describe. Forever grateful! Forever in my heart! Forever Light Warrior! Anthony, Spirit you gave me my life back. You gave me my confidence back and mostly, my soul!!! THANK YOU!!!! Light Heart!

This item posted: 13-Jan-2023

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