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Supplement Fear: How To Take Supplements When Sensitive

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Supplement Fear: How To Take Supplements When Sensitive

Supplement sensitivities are not always what they seem. Many times, the sensitivity is from the supplements someone has taken from the past, such as toxic ones that made the person's nerves sensitive through irritating the gut nerve linings or lowering the stomach's gastric juice production. All supplements are not the same, just like all people aren’t the same, all water is not the same and all food grown is not the same. The sensitivities that so many have towards supplements can also stem from PTSD from traumatizing and confusing experiences when taking a supplement or being prescribed a large amount of supplements and not getting better with their symptoms and conditions, and instead, feeling worse. Many people never truly find out why they are sick and that is difficult enough. Then, add a confusing array of supplementation that is hit or miss into it all and the challenge increases. In this episode, learn how sensitivities to supplements can develop and how to overcome…

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In this episode…

  • Learn about the true culprits behind supplement fears and sensitivities.
  • Discover why reactions some people can have while they’re taking supplements may not be caused by the supplements they’re taking in the moment.
  • Learn about the quickly forgotten history of supplementation within the alternative health world and why so many people have been damaged and left with PTSD as a result.
  • Find out about many of the most problematic supplement trends that have created a ripple effect of harm upon the chronically ill, often years after individuals have already moved on from the trends.
  • Uncover the real reason why supplement hypersensitivity develops.
  • Learn about supplement blunders that are still happening today in the alternative health space.
  • Uncover all of the different types of supplement PTSD that people can suffer from.
  • Discover techniques that can be used to finally overcome supplement sensitivities.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 26-Jun-2024

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