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Video: Sunbathing Meditation

Sunbathing Meditation

Sunbathing Meditation

It will be centuries before science discovers all of the healing benefits the sun provides. Not only is it calming and warming, but the sun’s rays contain mystery elements and promote biochemical reactions in our bodies that produce more than just vitamin D.

Just look at the way our pets love to find a warm, sunlit patch of the floor and bask in it. Animals love to sunbathe—they know it’s a powerful healing tool.

To benefit from the sun, spend time each day letting your skin absorb it. Try to acclimate yourself to 15 minutes at a time (taking care not to get sunburned). If it’s a cold time of year, find a peaceful spot inside where the sun comes through a window. If you love the angels, call upon the Angel of Sun to help the rays enter into your being to soothe your soul and heal your body.

You can also try this sunbathing meditation exercise. If you can be in the sun, find a comfortable spot either indoors or outdoors. You can put on sunglasses if you’d like. Don’t look directly at the sun. If you can’t be in the sun, you can still do this exercise, imagining the sun’s rays on you.

To begin, close your eyes. As the sun is warming you, get comfortable with knowing that the sun is covering your entire body. Get familiar with the sun; get familiar with the feeling of it.

Once you’ve established that connection, take a deep breath in and release. Envision that you’re inhaling sunlight—in through your nose, in through your mouth, and into your lungs. In your mind, see the sunlight.

Once that connection is secure, focus on the sun hitting your feet. Connect your mind to your feet. If you can, wiggle your feet around a bit to connect even more. After you’ve established that connection between the sun and your feet, take a deep breath and then release. Again, envision that you’re inhaling sunlight in through your nose, in through your mouth, and into your lungs. See the sunlight in your thoughts, in your mind.

Now focus on the sun warming your knees. Once you’ve established that connection, take in a deep breath of sunlight to your lungs and release.

Continue this process with your stomach, then your chest, then your arms, and then your head—feeling the warmth of the sun on that area of your body, establishing a connection, breathing in sunlight, and releasing.

We often sunbathe without conscious awareness of how much we can achieve when we use the sun to its full extent. This meditation will align your thoughts with the sun’s power. When we are aware of how much the sun affects the cells within our body, it allows us to connect to the sun fully so that our cells can access its healing abilities.

As you are resting in the sun, tell your cells that you know they are being nourished by the sun’s rays. You are witnessing this process for your cells—all of the cells in your body are being validated, acknowledged, seen, and understood. Ask your cells to be open, to absorb the vast array of mysterious information and life-giving properties that the sun has to offer. Ask your immune system to be willing to accept the sun as an immune system restoring mechanism. Ask your immune system to be ready to take in the sun’s strength, to make the sun’s strength your immune system’s strength.

Next, envision that you are looking at the sun. (Remember, though, don’t open your eyes and look directly at the sun.) Within your consciousness, “see” the sun’s fiery blaze. Imagine yourself drifting closer to the sun, and say (either in your mind or out loud), “My immune system, and every cell in my body, is receiving the sun’s rays and the sun’s power, and its healing energy is revitalizing and restoring my entire body.”

Here’s a bonus you can try next: Envision the sun’s rays crossing the barrier of your soul and entering into it. The warmth from the sun is now reversing emotional injuries from conflicts and past struggles. You do not have to be aware of what they are. Just let the sunrays lighten the way throughout your soul. Say, “My soul will heal. My soul is strong. My soul is safe. My soul is healed, and my soul will not be harmed.” It’s an option to call upon the Angel of Sun.

Take a deep breath and release. Now open your eyes.

This powerful soul-healing meditation comes from the New York Times best-selling book, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Revised and Expanded Edition).

This item posted: 26-Jun-2023

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