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Shocking Transformation In Less Than A Year
Shocking Transformation In Less Than A Year

Shocking Transformation In Less Than A Year

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The first photo is from March 1, 2021. I had been vegan for over a year and I had been drinking celery juice since June of 2020. It wasn't until in 2022 that we really refined our diets. We cut out all gluten in October of 2021 and then all oil in April of 2022. Over time we have eliminated some other ingredients to have a diet that's as pure as we can aspire to be.

In this photo I was exercising regularly and eating plant-based, but I was still eating the wrong amounts of things. Too much rice and gluten-free pasta. Too much oil on salads. We decided to really lean into a whole food plant based diet and have even mostly been eating raw foods. See the difference less than a year of small choices can do.

The left photo was taken May 31, 2022 and the right was taken December 26, 2022.

I eat a whole-foods, plant-based diet and I exercise every day. I don't eat oil or gluten and I eat most all my fruits and veggies raw with the exception of potatoes and chickpeas. The celery juice has helped detoxify my liver and keeps my skin clear and my body nice and cool.

This item posted: 03-Apr-2023

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