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The shingles virus is responsible for millions of people’s mystery symptoms.⁣ There are over 30 varieties of shingles, and only some of them are rashing varieties. There are also many non-rashing varieties. Undiscovered varieties of shingles are responsible for Bell’s palsy, frozen shoulder, diabetic nerve pain, colitis, vaginal burning, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, tooth and gum pain, tooth grinding, jaw pain, many cases of neck pain, burning tongue, many cases of Lyme disease, and even misdiagnosed MS. Medical research and science are unaware of this.

Shingles With Rashes⁣

There are seven strains of shingles that cause rashes:⁣

  • Classic Shingles⁣
  • Upper Body Shingles⁣
  • Both Arms Shingles⁣
  • One Arm Shingles⁣
  • Head Shingles⁣
  • Both Legs Shingles⁣
  • Vaginal Area Shingles⁣

These strains release a unique mix of neurotoxin and dermatoxin, which are viral poisons that travel outward to your peripheral nerves and your skin. It’s this neurotoxin-dermatoxin that causes the itchy, irritable red rashes and pustules for which shingles is famous.⁣

Shingles Without Rashes⁣

  • Neuralgic Shingles (Diabetic Neuropathy)⁣
  • Maddening Itch Shingles⁣
  • Vaginal Shingles⁣
  • Colitis Shingles⁣
  • Arm and Leg Burning Shingles⁣
  • Mouth Shingles, TMJ, and Bell’s Palsy⁣
  • Frozen Shoulder Shingles⁣
  • Body On Fire Shingles⁣⁣

These eight non-rashing strains produce a neurotoxin that travels inward into larger nerves. These nerves are already aggravated by the virus, but the neurotoxin inflames them even more. (They can also still produce some dermatoxin that can create very mild mystery rashes in some cases.) In many cases, these non-rashing varieties may cause more internal pain and nerve injury than rashing strains do. Further, you’ll feel these symptoms without any outward sign to let your doctor know you’re being inflamed by a shingles virus. As a result, if your doctor isn’t familiar with Medical Medium information, she or he may not have any idea that your symptoms are related to shingles.⁣⁣

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This item posted: 29-Oct-2021

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