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Intermittent onsets of severe seizures come from large deposits of heavy metals. Sometimes there are even clusters of large deposits, although it’s usually only a cluster of two deposits.

What creates these seizures is the interaction of metals–specifically, an alloy of mercury, aluminum, and copper, with all three of those residing next to each other and sometimes even partially forged together through excessive heat exchange from past seizures. Most people who suffer from severe seizures were exposed to all three metals at the same time, rather than exposed to different metals at random different times.

What brings on severe seizures is usually a chemical reaction with the alloy deposit or deposits. That chemical reaction could come from something the person’s ingesting, including some medications, or even an episode of severe stress, because in that case, adrenaline will flood the brain. Whatever the chemical reaction is, it will create heat in the brain, and because metal conducts heat, it will bring intense heat to wherever that heavy metal deposit or cluster is located. An electrical storm will occur as the body and brain try to find balance—and that’s what creates a severe seizure. After the seizure, the toxic heavy metals are intertwined more from the heat exchange.

Some seizures are not caused solely by toxic heavy metals. A number of factors and combinations can cause seizures, including MSG deposits in the brain, calcium and sodium deposits in the brain, viruses and viral byproduct and even viral neurotoxin deposits in the brain, brain tissue that’s callusing or scarring, brain tissue that’s dying, severe neurotransmitter deficiencies in the brain, severe B12 deficiency in the brain, highly toxic chemical exposure in the brain, and byproduct and waste in the brain from foodborne pathogens. This is not an exhaustive list. Most seizures have a foundation of metals combined with one or more of these other factors.

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This item posted: 15-Dec-2022

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