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Video: Rose Hips

Rose Hips

Rose Hips

Rose hips from the rugosa rose plant are an exceptional healing fruit that grow abundantly in the wild and in home gardens. They are packed with Vitamin C, E, & K and are used to help prevent and treat infections such as bladder, kidney, respiratory, and sinus infections as well as colds and flus. 

Rose hips aid in reducing inflammation associated with auto-immune conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. They also ease the digestive tract, provide a laxative effect on the colon, and help to prevent fluid retention and bloating. Rose hips have also been to known to prevent dizziness and the effects of vertigo. 

Rose hips have an affinity for women’s reproductive health aiding in regulating menstrual flow, easing uterine cramps, and preventing breast disorders. They help to purify and nourish the blood and lymphatic system which aids in preventing stress related illnesses. They are wonderful for strengthening the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive system. 

Rose hips also support the thymus gland which is a specialized organ that helps your immune system to function optimally. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a rugosa rose plant growing near where you live, wait until the rose hips are soft to the touch before harvesting. They can be eaten fresh or dried for later use. 

Avoid the seeds by eating around the center or straining through a sieve. Dried cut and sifted rose hips are readily available in health foods stores in bulk. Rose hip tea is a delicious way to incorporate this healing fruit into your daily routine. Use 1 tsp dried rose hips per 1 cup of water and steep for 10 minutes.

This item posted: 01-Aug-2015

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