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Different types of skin conditions come from different troublemakers in the liver providing fuel to different types of pathogens.

Rosacea is actually one variety of eczema. When someone has a rosacea-style rash on the nose, cheeks, chin, or forehead, it’s just a garden variety of eczema that happens to appear on the face, not yet another separate, mysterious skin condition.

When a virus, most commonly EBV, feeds off mercury that’s present in both the liver and the small intestinal tract, it produces a specific variety of dermatoxins that show up as rosacea.

Ideally, the liver would filter out these dermatoxins like other debris, and the intestinal tract and kidneys would send them out of the body. However, when EBV is overloading the liver and the rest of the body, normal detox processes get interrupted, which is why these toxins end up trying to leave through the skin.

The worse off the liver is, the worse the rosacea, as the liver’s impeded function means more dermatoxins escape.

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This item posted: 21-Nov-2021

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