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Natural Flavor Scam: You've Been Had

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Natural Flavor Scam: You've Been Had

Have you noticed yet? There is an increasing amount of products you consume that have some form of natural flavors in the ingredient list on the bottle, package, or container. So many of us want pure, clean, organic, non-GMO foods and beverages, and we look at the labels so we can admire the goodness we are nourishing our bodies with. But when it comes to the words "natural flavors,” the question comes to mind: what are we ingesting? The truth is, no one in the world of health really knows. It’s very similar to perfumes, parfumes, fragrances—no one really knows how many dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ingredients, chemicals, and agents, are inside that fragrance. Likewise, something very interesting transpired when natural flavors came to town: the disappearance of another long time staple that was in almost every food on the market place. What is that staple? MSG. Is it possible that there’s been a game of bait and switch in our food freedoms? Were choices made that you had no part in making? And what about our loved ones, families, friends and the people we care about the most, are they consuming these mystery ingredients? Many people who are struggling with a symptom or condition, or battling a chronic illness, care greatly about what they put inside their body, and for good reason—they struggle enough. Find out more in this gripping episode on natural flavors…

Join me on the Medical Medium podcast to uncover the secrets behind natural flavors.

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In this episode…

  • I talk about how “natural flavors” conveniently appeared after something really bad disappeared.
  • Learn about MSG—what it is and why you need to know.
  • Find out how and why the concept of “balance and moderation” became so pronounced and weaponized in our every day health culture.
  • What are natural flavors? What are they possibly made of?
  • Discover why it’s not just the term “natural flavors” that you have to look out for, and what other namesakes there are.
  • Learn what the food chemical manufacturing industry could be up to behind the scenes.
  • How might the everyday person be mislead by seemingly healthy food alternatives and their labeling?
  • What multitude of ingredients are hiding on your food labels?
  • Learn about the addictive qualities of MSG and natural flavors.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this eye-opening episode.

This item posted: 23-Aug-2022

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