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Video: Physical Injuries That Won’t Heal

Physical Injuries That Won’t Heal

Physical Injuries That Won’t Heal

If an injury that seems like it should have gotten better a long time ago is still causing you pain and suffering, it may feel very disheartening if doctors can’t determine why you’re not feeling better and loved ones can’t understand why you’re not back to your old self. Take heart, there are real explanations for your continued suffering.

A twisted ankle, broken leg, car accident, or other physical injury or trauma can wear down your body to a point where a pathogen such as Epstein-Barr (EBV) sees an opportunity to come out of dormancy and make the move to infection. If you require an operation, the pathogen sees even more of an opportunity, because surgery is usually accompanied by antibiotics.

The myelin sheaths covering the nerves in the area of the injury fray like strands of yarn, causing small nerve root hairs to come loose and hang or pop off the nerves. Injured nerves like these trigger an “alarm” hormone meant to bring your body’s healing mechanisms to the rescue. When a pathogen such as EBV is present in your system, though, it detects this hormone, too, and rushes over to take advantage and target the nerves. The disrupted root hairs give the pathogen the openings it needs to latch onto the nerves and keep them inflamed for a long period—sometimes years, if not addressed properly by taking care of your pathogen.

If you’re well into Stage Four of EBV, viral neurotoxins will also be released at record levels and cause nerve problems like never before— even without an accident or injury. As you’ve read about in previous symptoms, such as anxiety, tingles and numbness, and dizziness, high levels of these neurotoxins in the bloodstream create sensitized, allergic, inflamed nerves simply from proximity. The result is an extra difficult time healing when EBV is active in your system. Once you get rid of the virus, you can move forward.

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This item posted: 10-Jan-2022

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