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Never Needed That Energy Drink All Day

Never Needed That Energy Drink All Day

Repost from @tracykonoske_nutritionist

My husband Johny didn’t sleep well…and so he was headed for an energy drink so he could get through the morning.

I jumped at the chance to make him the @medicalmedium Energy Shifter Brain Shot before he left for work!!!

He was game, and I have been keeping the ingredients around that we need for this. I guess knowing that I would need them!

I pumped it out, and IDK if you can see it like I saw it in real time, but his energy totally changed!

I asked him at lunchtime how he did. And then again at dinner! He felt good and never needed that Energy Drink! All day! YAY!!! Because caffeine cranks on our adrenals, and Energy shots have natural flavors that damage the brain.

Huge Thank You to Spirit of the Most High / SOC and Anthony for the opportunities we have. The world sometimes feels like its crashing all around us, but then there's God, and hope, and healing.

WBB Cheers!

This item posted: 27-Jan-2023

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