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Never Imagined Healing So Many Symptoms

Never Imagined Healing So Many Symptoms

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I started my healing journey with @medicalmedium a year, and a half ago. Celery juice being the number one thing I added to my daily routine that helped my health incline. When I first started following MM protocols my intention was to heal my painful bloating. I never imagined healing so many other symptoms Ive struggled with in my past along the way, and one day at a time they slowly started to vanish. Some of them being : acne brain fog anxiety depression hair loss excessive weight loss raynauds syndrome OCD eye floaters allergies, and the list goes on. Every day I’m amazed at how far I have come, and how much my healing has progressed. All by following simple protocols medical medium has shared with the world. I’ll never go back to mistreating my body the way I have in my past. Lowering the fats in my diet, and eating more clean carbs ( potatoes sweet potatoes fruit winter squash coconut water, and raw honey) has improved my health. True healing is possible from anything you may be struggling with today. Your body is always working for you, and when you give what it needs is when it really begins to thrive. I thank @medicalmedium for the information he works so hard to put out into the world. Without him SOC, and the information they continue to share with us daily I’m not sure where I would be with my health. I’m just thankful I found MM, and continue to educate myself on how to truly take care of my body.

Happy healing warriors!

This item posted: 17-Feb-2023

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