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Video: Neurologist Intrigued By Tremor Improvement

Neurologist Intrigued By Tremor Improvement

Neurologist Intrigued By Tremor Improvement

Repost from @eathealthybhealthy

Today I saw a neurologist and he diagnosed me with having what are called essential tremors. And I learned that I tremor in my right leg too.

He shared that there are two medications used to treat them. One of them is a blood pressure medication and another is a seizure medication.

He also said another treatment is a surgery on the brain.

I showed him the video I attached to this post and told him that I am doing the #medicalmedium protocols and it is helping. And that I don’t want to take medication or have a brain surgery.

Before I left the appointment, he asked me what the name of the book was again. I told him Brain Saver. I think he became intrigued because he saw my tremor improvement in the attached videos and he knows I have a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. I shared with him even though I have a lot of science education that I had to put it aside because I can’t argue the healing I’ve experienced or the healing I see with people here on IG.

I am going to see him in six months and between now and then I will have done a lot more of the medical medium protocols.

This item posted: 21-Dec-2022

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