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Narcolepsy, or what seems to be narcolepsy, can have different causes. One example that the medical industry doesn’t know is when someone has a chronic viral infection causing neurological fatigue, forcing them to shut down neurologically at unplanned times during the day and search for a spot where they can lie down and restore. That’s from the viral neurotoxins inflaming the central nervous system, causing a neurological weakness, especially if there’s not enough of an electrical charge surging through the brain and brain stem, driving down to the cranial nerves. Not all viral infections that cause chronic fatigue lead to sleep. For some, restlessness and insomnia can occur alongside extreme fatigue. Viral narcolepsy is a specific, unknown category in which neurotoxins saturate the area of the brain that controls sleep, which is the center of the brain that partially encompasses left and right hemispheres and frontal and occipital lobes.

Another cause of narcolepsy is toxic heavy metal saturation in the brain and it can go two ways. It can cause an inability to sleep, or it can cause the need to sleep at random times. If sleep doesn’t happen at a critical moment, a mild seizure or what feels like a complete shutdown can begin, including slurred speech and severe muscle weakness. Aluminum is mostly responsible for narcolepsy. Higher levels of aluminum in certain areas of the brain can create a disruptive, sedative effect. When aluminum saturates the sleep center of the brain, it causes the sleep time clock to become confused. Someone may not sleep through the night and then may sleep on and off all day. Or they may sleep at night and still sleep on and off throughout the day. Either way, the clock is never balanced, especially if they have both viral inflammation and heavy metals inside the sleep center of the brain.

Mercury plays a small role in narcolepsy too, although it’s mostly aluminum saturation. If there’s too much mercury present in this area of the brain, someone will experience less sleep time clock problems and more overall insomnia.

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This item posted: 17-Aug-2023

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