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Video: Mold - Illness Trigger

Mold - Illness Trigger

Mold - Illness Trigger

Mold often gets the blame for many different illnesses, but mold itself is not the cause of chronic symptoms and conditions. Mold is a trigger; it lowers the immune system so that underlying low-grade viral and bacterial infections such as Epstein-Barr virus, shingles, and streptococcus can prosper and proliferate, causing anything from vertigo to chronic sinusitis. Viruses and bacteria are the real cause of countless symptoms and conditions, along with toxic heavy metals, and other toxins. 

One person can be exposed to mold by inhaling it or eating it and exhibit no symptoms. When this happens, it’s because they didn’t have much of a viral load that could take advantage of the drop in the immune system that happened when they were exposed. For someone else who has multiple viruses and/or bacteria and more aggressive strains, mold exposure can be a potent trigger that sets off the underlying viruses and bacteria, resulting in the onset of new symptoms or conditions or the worsening of current ones. Again, the difference is whether or not someone has an underlying viral or bacterial issue poised to wreak havoc. This is why someone can experience symptoms months or years after mold exposure–long after the mold is no longer in their life in any way. It’s really another underlying issue that’s behind their symptoms.

Another element is what kind of mold someone is exposed to and for how long. There are different varieties of mold toxins, some more aggressive than others. Some don’t affect the immune system much at all while others are very toxic.

Find out more about how mold triggers the underlying causes of illness and how to protect yourself against mold in the Medical Medium podcast titled “Mold: The Crazy Maker” on Apple Podcasts.

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This item posted: 25-Oct-2020

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