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Microdosing & Psychedelics: What Goes Wrong

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Microdosing & Psychedelics: What Goes Wrong

When we hear the words Micro-Dosing, a trending term, something happens in our mind: it draws a person in, it’s mysterious yet sounds scientific. The word “dose” holds power—it’s a word that has its own energetic force as if it’s alive. How is it alive? It’s an old word that the pharmaceutical world adopted, and the word is etched into generations of people. It’s instilled deep within the consciousness of the human mind and soul.

Around the word dose, there is fear. Fear stems from taking too much of something that isn’t normally good for us and even could be dangerous to us. A large dose of anything can be scary and even concerning. This is why prescription drugs have strict guidelines from medical authorities. Too big of a dose of a drug could mean overdosing, which is also a word deep in the consciousness of so many.

There is a party culture out there in this world. It’s a mindset that’s also ingrained in so many. Many people believe they need a stimulant of some kind to power them through life, or they feel they need something to relax them, and many people are struggling with symptoms and conditions, and are even suffering greatly with both mental and physical pain, so drinking and taking recreational drugs are on the rise. It’s unhealthy and toxic to the physical body and brain and has injured millions of people in various ways. Someone always knows someone that eventually had a close call or experience that wasn’t pleasing.

Microdosing has become a trend due to its seemingly controlled nature, an illusion that whatever you are partaking in is safe and even scientifically monitored in some way. It’s a way to lower fear and drive interest because how can something be toxic to you if it’s in such a small dosage.

Get ready for a truly informative and enlightening episode—the truth about Microdosing.

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In this episode you will learn about…

  • The addiction process and what happens inside of your body and brain during it.
  • How marketing and Big Pharma played a role in the insurance of microdosing and psychedelics.
  • The guessing games that occur with alternative and conventional medicine and how they can affect your healing.
  • The adrenaline surge that occurs with “surviving” psychedelics, and how the chemicals within your body play a role in the rollercoaster process of ingesting poisons.
  • How steroid compounds and adrenaline keep the blood vessels open when our immune cells are fighting off foreign invaders.
  • The threat to the brain that microdosing and psychedelics pose.
  • The dangers people face when self-medicating.
  • What happens after the adrenaline high and how our body recovers.
  • What the term “plant medicine” should be used for.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important discussion.

This item posted: 18-Jan-2024

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