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Mercury In Fish & Fish Oil: Where Does The Mercury Go

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Mercury In Fish & Fish Oil: Where Does The Mercury Go

The Ocean is filled with living minerals that help create a supernatural energy force that is unmatched by any other natural force on planet earth. But every day it becomes threatened and is under attack by Toxic Heavy Metals, especially Mercury, which has been industrialized along the last few centuries. Industrialized Metals disturb the very life-giving Minerals in the ocean and create constant friction between each other that over time has weakened the oceans lifeforce and slowly poisoned and intoxicated the living species within the ocean such as the fish. Not just any fish—the fish we eat. When Mercury enters into a fish, it changes the chemical and physical nature of the fish and alters the oils within the fish, and even changes other aspects that have an effect on our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

So many people take fish oil supplementation and have no idea how unhealthy it really is and even damaging on many levels for the body. The oils in fish draw in Mercury, and the flesh of the fish changes because of this occurrence. Many people should be concerned when taking fish oil or eating fish on a regular basis, especially oily fish. If someone is living with a chronic illness or pregnant, fish and fish oils should be avoided. Mercury worsens already established symptoms and conditions. Tune in to this episode to understand the realities of mercury in fish and fish oils.

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In this episode…

  • Learn the effects of how much and what kind of fish you eat, and why it should concern you.
  • Discover what’s really inside fish oil and fish oil supplements.
  • Learn why it’s only advised to eat fish twice a week for good health, instead of it being advised as a daily or twice-daily practice.
  • Uncover the grounding, neutralizing, vibrant force of the ocean and what lies within.
  • Discover why toxic heavy metals and trace minerals don’t mix well, and what that repellent relationship leads to.
  • Learn about industrialized mercury in the ocean, how it got there, and it’s electrical-altering effects.
  • Uncover where mercury goes when it enters a fish and how that impacts a fish’s trace minerals.
  • Learn how mercury inside the body can lead to Dementia, ADD, ADHD and more.
  • Discover what fish have less mercury in them.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 29-Feb-2024

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