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Video: Memory Loss & Forgetfulness

Memory Loss & Forgetfulness

Memory Loss & Forgetfulness

There are different levels of memory loss and forgetfulness. It’s normal to forget some things. It’s normal for some older memories to fade as new experiences replace them. Many people who don’t have brain disease, Alzheimer’s, or dementia rely on lists to remember everything they need to get done. With so many expectations, it can be easy to get distracted, drift off task, or forget.

Memory loss and forgetfulness can be a little more persistent and disruptive and that can start to interfere with life to the point of being a problem. When true memory loss and chronic forgetfulness occur, something more is going on in the brain. If injury or trauma is not a factor, toxic heavy metals are the reason for memory loss. Viral infection can play some part. If viruses are consuming toxic heavy metals, releasing neurotoxins that interfere with neurotransmitter chemicals, that can cause some forgetfulness and mild memory loss. Nothing compares to the direct effect of toxic heavy metals in the brain.

Often the problem is heavy metals interacting with each other in negative ways. Metals such as mercury and aluminum reacting with one another send corrosive discharge into adjacent brain tissue, weakening or even destroying neurons and saturating areas of the brain where memories might have been stored. When someone loses their older memories and yet can remember new occurrences in the present day, it often baffles medical communities. They don’t realize the true cause: toxic heavy metals corroding in areas where long-term memories are stored in the brain. The reverse can also happen: toxic heavy metals’ oxidative runoff saturating areas where memories of the moment are supposed to be stored. When short-term memory is affected like this and yet older memories remain easy to access, it’s an indication of this different toxic heavy metal placement.

Toxic heavy metals are never in the exact same amount, same combination, and same place among different people, which means the symptoms they cause are never exactly the same from person to person.

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This item posted: 21-Mar-2023

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