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Kidney Health

Kidney Health

Kidney stones are produced from high-protein, high-fat diets. Kidney stones can be protein-based or calcium-based or even some of both.

Kidney injury is what leads to kidney dysfunction and disease. It can come in different forms. One form is toxic injury from pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and solvents.

By far the most common cause of kidney disease is pathogenic injury, which results when viruses or bacteria enter the kidney via blood vessels or the urinary tract. The most common viruses that cause this are HHV-6 and HHV-7—and they’re under the radar of medical research and science as far as kidney disease goes. When a virus inflames a kidney, a physician will often mistakenly believe that it’s the immune system attacking the gland. When it comes to kidney tumors and cysts, whether cancerous or benign, viruses play a role in creating them, too. In the case of bacterial kidney infections, strep is a common cause; it’s also responsible for urinary tract infections (UTIs) that turn into severe kidney infections.

And then there’s food injury. Diets high in protein shorten the life of the kidneys. The popularity of high-protein diets is quite extraordinary considering that even medical research and science are aware that people with even a slight kidney issue cannot consume too much protein. High-protein diets are high in fat, too, and that combination creates a lot of wear and tear on the kidneys, setting the stage for pathogens, or any of these other injury sources, to push the kidneys over the edge.

Especially if you’re going through dialysis or another complicated kidney procedure, speak to your doctor before applying anything to your life, including healing foods. With any kidney problem or disease, large dosages of anything are not ideal, whether of medicine, animal protein, plant-based protein, or certain supplements. We need to be respectful and mindful that when kidneys are in a weakened, problematic state, more isn’t necessarily best, even of healing foods. Smaller amounts of healing foods can be best.

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This item posted: 29-Jan-2024

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