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Mache is an exceptionally nutritious salad green that is soft, buttery, creamy, and nutty. This delicious flavor profile is due to its high omega-3 content making it one of the most enjoyable and healthy green leafy vegetables available today. 

Plant based omega-3’s, like those found in mache, are easily assimilated and allow the body to immediately utilize the nutrition and put it to good use by lowering triglycerides, improving HDL, reducing inflammation, maintaining healthy cognitive function, and reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and digestive disorders. 

Mache has 30% more iron than spinach and is also packed with folate which helps to alleviate the effects of depression, fatigue, and stress. Once a rare speciality green, mache is now found in most major supermarkets in the packaged salad section of the produce department. It is a wonderful base for your salads or can be eaten as a tasty snack straight from the bag.

This item posted: 03-Jul-2015

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