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When someone exhibits symptoms of what medical communities label as lupus, the underlying cause is Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Lupus can cause many different varieties of rashes, including the classic butterfly rash. Lupus rashes are caused by a combination of neurotoxins and dermatoxins released from EBV that’s feeding specifically on toxic heavy metals, mostly mercury—because people struggling with lupus are dealing with high levels of mercury in the system. The presence of that mercury and the chronic, ongoing EBV infection lead to a lowered immune system.

Dermatoxins from EBV circulate in the bloodstream, surfacing through the skin and creating various rashes, along with joint pain in many cases. EBV’s neurotoxins circulate through the bloodstream and inflame the central nervous system, which then telegraphs out to the peripheral nervous system. EBV’s neurotoxic waste and byproduct create hives or unidentified mystery rashes that can come and go in various places on the body. This byproduct and waste create an allergic reaction within the body because the byproduct and waste are overloading the immune system, which is already overloaded by EBV.

EBV causes the neurological symptoms of lupus, ranging from headaches and migraines (which are caused by inflamed trigeminal, facial, optic, and sometimes phrenic nerves) to dizziness, anxiety, fatigue, and balance issues (inflamed vagus nerves) to frequent urination and bladder pain (inflamed pudendal and sciatic nerves) to elbow, wrist, and shoulder tendonitis and finger and hand pain (inflamed ulnar nerves) and more, as various other nerves throughout the body can become inflamed too.

Neurological fatigue can also result from central nervous system inflammation—that’s often a big part of lupus. People with lupus normally have a host of other diagnosed conditions, such as thyroid problems and Lyme disease, which stem from the same EBV infection. Lupus is also a prime example of a label given to a set of symptoms that could be diagnosed as other conditions. Meanwhile, they’re from the same, original viral problem.

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This item posted: 31-Jul-2023

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