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Video: Light Blast Healed My Tightness Of Chest

Light Blast Healed My Tightness Of Chest

Light Blast Healed My Tightness Of Chest

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Dear A.W. and Spirit of Compassion, I'd like to express my deep gratitude for healing my tightness of the chest yesterday during the Light Blast. When I take a deep breath now, I no longer have any pain whatsoever! It was a truly unique experience: I actually did not ask for healing anything physically, my single focus was on healing emotional wounds and heart issues. By the third round my heart was beating as loud as never before in my life, I literally thought it will jump out. And a few seconds later it was all peace and joy. This was a miracle! Thank you!!! It is such an honor and a blessing to know you and be able to receive all divine messages from above through so many channels, like books, podcasts, lives and voice message which I absolutely love! The conditions I used to suffer from for decades that I healed either completely or considerably on Medical Medium protocols within approx. 3 years are the following: anxiety and depression; panic attacks; post-traumatic stress disorder; acne; obsessive compulsive disorder; trigeminal neuralgia; blood sugar fluctuations; insulin resistance and upcoming pre-diabetes; ear infections; migraines and splitting headaches; chronic sinusitis; chronic strep throat; chronic colds and flus; chronic adrenal fatigue; extremely low blood pressure; extremely cold feet and hands; acute vagus nerve inflammation and dizziness; urinary tract infections; gastritis and gastric spasms; severe constipation; bloating; acid reflux; nail and hair problems; eye-flashes; brain fog; eating disorders like binging and bulimia and many more... Medical Medium information has also healed my severe coffee, black tea and chocolate addiction; my severe fat-addiction and vinegar-addiction.

Thank you dear A.W. and Spirit of Compassion for empowering me, setting me free and giving me so much joy! I feel unconditionally loved and hope that everyone else who knows you feels the same. Love you dearly!

This item posted: 12-Jan-2023

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