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Video: L-Lysine: Pathogen Inhibitor

L-Lysine: Pathogen Inhibitor

L-Lysine: Pathogen Inhibitor

This amino acid enters the liver and acts as a smokescreen to all of the pathogens that are responsible for liver disease and autoimmune disorders. Pathogens, especially those in the herpetic family such as Epstein-Barr, shingles, HHV-6, HHV-7, and the undiscovered HHV-10, HHV-11, HHV-12, HHV13, HHV-14, HHV-15, and HHV-16, hate lysine. It’s like the powder that comes out of a fire extinguisher—a retardant that deters these bugs from proliferating.

By inhibiting and reducing pathogen load, L-lysine acts as an anti-inflammatory to the entire nervous system, especially the central nervous system and the vagus and phrenic nerves, which get targeted by neurotoxins produced by EBV, shingles, and other bugs.

L-lysine strengthens the immune system and aids in some of the liver’s most important functions. It helps with autoimmune disorders, liver disease, TMJ, bell’s palsy, sciatica, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, eczema, fatigue, ringing in the ears, balance issues, migraines, thyroid problems, nodules, cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, RA, lupus, MS, TMJ, shingles, cold sores, neuropathy, eye floaters, fibroids, canker sores, mouth and tongue sores and ulcers, and more.

When you take L-Lysine year-round, you have less chance of getting a bad flu or for a pathogen such as EBV or shingles–whether it’s one that you already have or it’s a new strain that you pick up–to proliferate and cause new symptoms or a worsening of existing symptoms.

For more information on how to use L-lysine and other supplements, including suggested dosages, you can refer to Cleanse To Heal (51% off today on Amazon!).

This item posted: 11-Nov-2021

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