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Sinus Congestion, Bloating, Come & Go Acne, & Neck Pain Getting Better On 369 Cleanse

Sinus Congestion, Bloating, Come & Go Acne, & Neck Pain Getting Better On 369 Cleanse

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Finished my first Original 369 and I’m going again! Since being on @medicalmedium for a little over a year now, I have had some very stubborn symptoms (especially after getting cov**) such as sinus congestion, bloating, come and go acne, and neck pain. During this cleanse, I felt these symptoms getting better which is why I am going to repeat it!! I know Strep and Epstein Barr is what causes most of my symptoms thanks to @medicalmedium and after going to several doctors I never learned this. It’s amazing how much TRUE info is in his books, as it comes from above. If you have been debating on doing this cleanse, this is your reminder to just go for it!! It isn’t easy but it sure is worth it.

This item posted: 03-Apr-2023

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