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Jaundice is a liver condition from pathogens and toxic heavy metals creating bouts of acute inflammation or long-term chronic liver diseases, tumors, or cysts. Adults can experience jaundice, but it’s especially common in babies.

Jaundice in a baby is actually a baby’s liver trying to overcome a highly toxic load, to rev its engine and function in the face of obstacles that are not understood by medical research and science— because early medical treatments the baby first receives are some of the obstacles. The others are inherited troublemakers from the family line.

Meanwhile, jaundice is a baby’s liver that’s in shock, trying to start up its over 2,000 chemical functions and short-circuiting in the process due to troublemakers a baby has inherited and been exposed to at the beginning of life—yes, it’s possible for a newborn’s liver to be dirty, since it inherits toxins at conception and in the womb. It could have been the parents’ diet 20 years ago, poisons that have been passed from generation to generation, or any number of other factors that led a baby’s liver to take on troublemakers.

The medical establishment doesn’t have a reason to look past its theory that jaundice is a newborn’s liver that hasn’t caught up to speed yet, since jaundice eventually dissipates, red blood cells detox, and the overabundance of bilirubin reduces. What’s really happening is that most babies’ livers, after the initial struggle starting up, are able to overcome the obstacles and find an acceptable balance pretty quickly. Jaundice disappearing doesn’t mean complications of baby liver have gone away; it doesn’t mean a baby’s liver is functioning perfectly and that there aren’t other signs of liver trouble that no doctor is going to connect to the liver.

Baby belly, that bloating and distension in little ones, is a sign of baby liver. Stomach aches and intestinal issues that ultimately get diagnosed as parasites, Candida, celiac—really, the liver’s a big part of why they’re happening.

Find out more about how to heal jaundice, including foods to avoid, foods to eat, and supplements with dosages in the NYT best-selling book, Cleanse To Heal.

This item posted: 30-Nov-2021

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