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Video: Involuntarily Cried At The Light Blast - Saw Mental & Physical Improvements

Involuntarily Cried At The Light Blast - Saw Mental & Physical Improvements

Involuntarily Cried At The Light Blast - Saw Mental & Physical Improvements

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Don't miss out on the next @medicalmedium #lightblast was very special indeed! I was preparing for it by praying and meditating, I drank some blueberry juice, took some B12, gaba, magnesium and celery force and was getting ready to listen to it from bed, as it was my bedtime.. But then, there were some technical issues and I started to worry, but I saw the Fb messages and someone said "Calm down everybody, pray and hold on to the faith, ask angels for help and if it's meant to be, it shall be..." and so it was.

Then it started and MM was so incredibly calm (but you could feel he was full of emotions as well) and was telling us to grab some food, if we have not eaten for a while, we were taking some deep breaths together and I have involuntarily started to cry...My tears were just rolling down and I felt such a peace and comfort from his reassuring voice, I knew Spirit of Compassion was already at work seeing us and comforting us, it was as if someone would cuddle me and lovingly put a blanket over me. I have received my healing already then. Then Anthony said we are all ready and the first round of the light was coming down and I felt little heavy around my heart, second round was coming and I felt a huge blockage in my stomach, it was actually quite uncomfortable and I started to wiggle to ease the discomfort in my belly, I knew it was not over yet...MM again confirmed that this has happened to some and we had a third round of super charged light coming and that one just cleared it all out and I felt my feet tingling as the light went finally through me all the way down. I felt relieved and blessed. It ended quite quickly after that, and I have blissfully fallen asleep. I know the light is still very much at work, and I feel some improvements already, some physical, some mental, and some soulful. I am just so grateful for this opportunity, to have this special connection, to be alive the same time as Anthony, to experience his unbelievable care for us, to feel Spirit's compassion and receive Gods Blessings of Love & Light. I'm speechless and full of wonder where this journey will still take us.

This item posted: 16-Jan-2023

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