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Video: Important Message About Sharing Medical Medium Information

Important Message About Sharing Medical Medium Information

Important Message About Sharing Medical Medium Information

Important Message About Sharing Medical Medium Information

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This one’s a little different to my usual content, but it needs to be said. People need to be aware of this. It’s critical to give people every chance & opportunity to heal.

@medicalmedium says there are two parts to healing:

#1: Knowing the TRUE root cause to your suffering. This is CRITICAL to beginning the healing process. It breaks through the fear & confusion of the unknown that is placed upon you. It gives you back your power. It reignites the hope, strength & faith you have inside. The answers within @medicalmedium info provide a level of relief, peace, clarity, & empowerment to your body, mind & soul that nothing else can touch. The truth within the living words leads you out of the dark & into the light.

#2: Once you know the truth behind your suffering, what’s truly behind your symptoms & conditions, the @medicalmedium protocols are there to be customised to your individual situation, & it’s the DETAILS within this information that matters to move the needle.

When people who were sick & struggling find MM info, go through this process, diligently apply the MM tools to heal & rise out of the ashes, & then all of a sudden want to do their own thing & not cite where they found the answers, not mention that it was MM info that allowed them to heal, use MM info without citing it, blend MM info with non-MM info & try to change the info, or claim that something else healed them, they cheat others out of healing.

So many people - individuals, science and research, podcast doctors, influencers & the list goes on, are using MM info behind closed doors or stealing & claiming it as their own, without citing back.

Thousands upon thousands of people who are sick & struggling, who are in need of answers, come across these pages, accounts, “scientific studies” etc., & aren’t led back to the source. Whether they aren’t given one, or both of the two parts of the healing process, they’re now left stuck in the dark, in the sea of confusion, for God knows how much longer.

Please watch @medicalmediums recent live “How to Protect Your Brain - Brain Saver - Medical Medium”, & please, share this reel, to reach those that need it most

This item posted: 30-Nov-2022

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