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I Thought I Could Be My Own Health Expert
I Thought I Could Be My Own Health Expert

I Thought I Could Be My Own Health Expert


Can you be your own health expert? I thought I could be once… however after TWENTY SIX YEARS of searching for answers, trying EVERY healing diet out there, seeing multiple functional doctors, naturopathic doctors, and healers, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know… until I found @medicalmedium and his information! If you think you can be your own healer bc you’ve only been a little sick and you changed your diet and got better, that’s great for you, but the chronically ill are NOT so lucky. We know what it’s like to search for answers for 26 years and realize that science and research DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. It’s not until you’ve been down this road long enough that you can confidently say that @medicalmedium HAS the answers. I FINALLY got answers to my 50+ chronic and mystery symptoms for the first time in my life when I read his first book in 2019. It was like scales fell off my eyes and I could finally see! Everything made so much sense! You could say I had a massive awakening of sorts… I finally had answers to all my health issues and suffering! NO, it’s not ALL caused by candida, or carbs, or because the body is attacking itself like the so-called “experts” claimed! When I switched to an MM diet, so many of my symptoms went away that I had been struggling with for years! I did the GAPS diet for 4 years, the AIP diet, different versions of paleo, keto, and plant-based… and even though I feel better on a plant-based diet—THE DETAILS MATTER. I still struggle with severe chronic pain and mental health issues UNLESS I’m strictly following @medicalmedium. Until MM I was trying to follow a generally anti-inflammatory diet… but no one could tell me WHY foods were inflammatory for me. No one could tell me that Epstein-Barr, Shingles, Strep, and heavy metals were the root causes of my inflammation and pain. NO ONE KNEW THIS INFORMATION. Blood tests could not show this. Muscle testing, hair-mineral analysis could not show this… so, TRY to be your own health expert WITHOUT knowing the ROOT CAUSE of your issues. I couldn’t. I wasted 26 years of my life. Don’t waste your life. Find the answers you need with @medicalmedium books. They are saving millions of lives.

This item posted: 24-Feb-2023

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