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I Thought Because I Was Already Vegan & Somewhat Healthy That I Didn't Need To Dive Into The Protocols

I Thought Because I Was Already Vegan & Somewhat Healthy That I Didn't Need To Dive Into The Protocols

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Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I came across the first Medical Medium book back in 2016. I went to Barnes and Noble and it caught my eye. At the time I had just went through months of chronic dizziness/ vertigo and went doctor to doctor with no answers other than “anxiety is causing it”. The info resonated with me so much but I was already vegan and eating somewhat healthy so I didn’t think I needed to dive into the protocols. A few years later I decided to give celery juice a try because new symptoms had come up including chronic acid reflux. The celery juice did wonders but then I came across some other modalities that led me in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to get confused when it comes to healing because there’s endless information out there. I did some things that ended up prolonging my healing journey including dry fasting, an extended juice fast, no leafy greens or celery juice, and more. 2 years ago I went full MM protocol and haven’t looked back since. I have ways to go (especially after reactivated EBV from the 2019 bug) but I know without a doubt Medical Medium is the absolute truth when it comes to the causes of chronic illness and how to heal. I’m so incredibly thankful to Anthony and SOC for getting this info out there

This item posted: 29-Dec-2022

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