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Video: I Feel So Nourished, Hydrated & Light

I Feel So Nourished, Hydrated & Light

I Feel So Nourished, Hydrated & Light

Repost from @purelycatherine

There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

And this is how I feel after 14 days on the advanced @369cleanse , with repeating days 7 to 9 of the cleanse.

I feel lighter at all levels, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally and it feels fantastic.

Once upon a time, I used to do the cleanse with the only intention of healing my skin and now that it has been clearer for the past year or two, I realize that I like to do the cleanse seasonally for maintenance but also to continue releasing what’s holding me back in order to always move forward until I am symptom free, feel my most vibrant self and get all those troublemakers out.

And this time around was one of the easiest round because I had so much energy, checked off many items on my to do list and was in a beautiful flow.

Not only this cleanse allowed me to open up my detoxification pathways furthermore, but doing it during a super flower full moon was extra special because I felt so much more connected to source, to God, to light!

The advanced 369 cleanse is my favorite because it makes me feel so nourished, hydrated and lighter. Swipe to the left for pictures of the meals.

I usually eat raw until dinner but adding the spinach soup for lunch specifically made me feel extra good with all of its minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibers.

I didn’t put any pressure or didn’t even planned on extending the cleanse, day-by-day, led me to challenge myself and extend it to 14 days because I felt that good.

I definitely felt detox symptoms on my first Day 9, which were welcomed, and at my biggest surprise, my second Day 9 was easy peasy.

I am always so grateful for having access to these well designed cleanses from the @medicalmedium and hope you get the chance to experience them as well. “Our bodies need to be assisted with cleansing and detoxing because we’re up against too much for it all to come out on its own. Otherwise, the troublemakers build up more and more, making us more and more likely to develop viral and bacterial caused symptoms because those exposures have not only fed the bugs; they’ve weakened our immune system against the pathogens.” ~Anthony William

Many thanks.

This item posted: 20-Feb-2023

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