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Huntington's Disease

Huntington's Disease

Medical research and science believe that Huntington’s disease is a genetic, inherited condition that runs in families. Even though this theory is completely incorrect, there is some indirect merit to the observation that something here is passed down from generation to generation to generation: toxic heavy metals such as mercury. Medical research and science also believe that in Huntington’s, brain cells are dying in specific regions of the brain that control emotions, movements, and cognitive abilities. While only a theory, this also holds some merit. It’s true that brain cells are dying. Why, though? What are brain cells dying from? Why is someone’s cognition failing? Why are involuntary movements occurring, disrupting their motor functions? What’s the cause? That all remains a complete mystery to medical research and science. A gene defect does not cause brain cells to die. 

The undiscovered cause of Huntington’s is a specific blend of mercury with a lesser amount of aluminum interacting and oxidizing around the brain’s ganglia. As I share in Brain Saver, mercury looks for more mercury. So as someone goes through childhood, exposed to heavy metals along the way, new mercury finds established mercury deposits, and they join together. 

As heavy metals oxidize around the ganglia, cells rapidly die. Also, the ganglia form a hot spot for viruses and viral neurotoxins when they’re saturated with heavy metals. If someone contracts a herpetic virus such as EBV along the way, that virus will likely seek out that hot spot, feeding off those metals and releasing their poisonous waste, which accelerates the oxidative rate and kills more brain cells more quickly. That’s when Huntington’s symptoms progress rapidly. In most cases, it’s caused by metals alone, which result in a slower progression of the disease.  

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This item posted: 26-Sep-2023

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