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How A Virus Spreads: Everyone Gets Viral

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How A Virus Spreads: Everyone Gets Viral

Viruses go from one person to another. That’s the goal of the makers and creators of viruses; they are engineered and manufactured to go from one person to another. Shotgun Viruses are viruses such as Flu, Covid, and Ebola. These viruses, when entering the body, are designed to rapidly produce and blow up quickly inside the body. One person may only get infected by one to three viral cells, which means there may be a slower rate of infection because one viral cell will need some time to multiply. This could allow a few days to pass before the onset of symptoms occur, which also means if someone is around that infected person, they may not get infected themselves in that moment in time because the infection hasn’t exploded and multiplied in the original person’s body yet, but may get infected one or two more days later. By then, enough viral cells will be produced, creating a situation where just being near the infected person will almost guarantee exposure and sickness. Shotgun Viruses are fast-acting and create cytokine storms in the body, which is the body’s immune system reacting to the urgent, rapid growth of the Flu or Covid viruses.

Other varieties of viruses have different reproductive timelines. The Herpes family is one of the largest stealth families of the viral world and although the Herpes family can be aggressive, it is mostly slow-growing and does not do what the engineered Shotgun viral family does like Flu and Covid. Stealth Herpes varieties tend to camp out in the body long-term and reproduce under the radar, creating chronic illness symptoms that can last a lifetime if not addressed properly. With the correct understanding to eradicate the viruses to control them properly, someone has every chance to heal. One critical aspect of killing long-term stealth viruses to heal yourself from symptoms and conditions is learning what viruses such as EBV, Shingles, HHV6, HHV7, HSV1, HSV2 and other strains and varieties actually eat. These viruses and all viruses need fuel to stay alive and need a specific fuel to rapidly grow. Some of those foods are egg and dairy products.

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In this episode…

  • Learn how viruses spread and how everybody gets sick.
  • Uncover what they don’t want you to know: that viruses are purposefully engineered.
  • Learn about viral body crimes.
  • Discover how classified research and science have been manipulating viruses for a long time, and if there is any such thing as a naturally occurring virus anymore.
  • Learn about the differences between shotgun and stealth viruses.
  • Learn why a person’s immune system strength matters when it comes to viral symptoms and how that immune system strength can react when symptoms show up.
  • Discover the effect that the amount of viral cells a person contracts has on how quickly the viral cycle occurs.
  • Learn how viruses grow and how a person’s diet can impact this.
  • Uncover how stealth viruses act in a person’s body and the timeline in which symptoms can occur.
  • Discover what determines the speed of viral growth.
  • Learn about cytokine storms and why they happen.
  • Learn what two types of people virus manufacturers strive to create.
  • Uncover where people contract viruses.
  • Discover powerful tools to use for both shotgun and stealth viruses.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 10-May-2024

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