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Healing Alopecia

Healing Alopecia

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I work for God. I work for the light and I believe I can heal. The eyes are the reflect of the soul and all I can see through my eyes is light.

It’s been a long tough journey, but after 2.5 years of applying MM, many ups and downs, I AM FINALLY HEALING and I just want to express to this beautiful community that you are not alone and we will get there, sooner or later. We will heal!

Thank you AW @medicalmedium and SOC for all the work you are doing every single day to put out there the information that is helping us to heal.

I really can’t wait to be totally healed so I can help people to reclaim their health and to recover from ANY chronic illness.

Special thanks to my soul sister that’s has been by my side (crying and laughing together) during this healing journey.

This item posted: 23-Feb-2023

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