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Healed Panic Attacks

Healed Panic Attacks

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After the birth of my son in 2017, I came down with driving anxiety. I remember the first panic attack I had on the highway that changed my ability to drive on the highways from that point going forward. It happened for no reason…nothing major happened like an accident. And yet, no matter what I told myself rationally, I couldn’t drive on the highways without clamming up, having a racing heart rate, the hot flush of adrenaline that raced through my body, the feeling like I was going to pass out. I knew deep down that what happened to me wasn’t normal. I knew that physically something had happened but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I went from doctor to doctor, psychiatrist to psychiatrist and was put on countless medications. Benzos worked but they aren’t a long term solution. I remember asking every doctor…why did this happen after the birth of a child? Not one could answer except saying hormones. Really??? So then every woman who has given birth should have the same thing then! And yet they don’t. I searched and searched for answers and then I finally stumbled upon @medicalmedium. It changed my life.

For the first time I learned there was actually a physical cause for my panic attacks and it wasn’t in my head. Mind you, I had tried meditation, breathing exercises, everything…and none of it worked.

So what was then cause? It was a combination of neurotoxic exposures encompassing viruses and toxic heavy metals. The viruses had inflamed my vagus nerve and the metals were feeding them. I know what you’re thinking…what metals? Sushi and tuna anyone??? Mercury! Aluminum in my daily deodorant. Pesticides on my lawn. My laundry detergent and the candles I had burned over the years. None of us are immune to these things. I also had an imbalance of electrical brain supplies in the bloodstream. In short, I wasn’t eating enough glucose (the right kind) and drinking enough liquids to keep them high enough in my bloodstream. Without an ample supply of glucose, when adrenaline floods the system, it’s like an electrical grid running hot and on overload in the brain. The glucose is there to cool it down and I didn’t have enough.

This item posted: 09-Dec-2022

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