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Healed Eczema & Asthma

Healed Eczema & Asthma

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When healing finally happens.

It’s been a long road, but I’m finally free from these health issues:

  • lifelong eczema
  • allergies
  • shingles
  • chronic fatigue
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • constant coughing from asthma
  • lower back pain
  • No more steroid creams
  • No more antidepressants
  • No more constant scratching at night
  • No more sheets soaked in red
  • No more living from my bed
  • No more embarrassment and shame
  • No more confusion and uncertainty about root causes and triggers

All thanks to @medicalmedium information.

The Heavy Metal Detox smoothie/cleanse specifically (including lemon water, fresh celery juice, Zinc, B12 and Vitamin C supplements every morning) worked like a miracle for me.

This item posted: 27-Jan-2023

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