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Video: Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

This condition is still highly misunderstood by medical research and science. The theory goes that in Guillain-Barré, the body’s immune system attacks its own nerve cells, causing damage that can eventually lead to paralysis. This autoimmune misconception is a mistake made across hundreds of symptom and condition labels in the medical industry. In reality, the body doesn’t attack itself, and the body’s immune system doesn’t attack nerves. The true cause of Guillain-Barré is viral. Specifically, certain varieties of EBV often cling to nerves or enter the brain, and when a virus latches on to a nerve or nerve cell, it creates chronic swelling, which can lead to temporary bouts of paralysis; tightening of the face; difficulty moving the jaw; severe body stiffness; the feeling of pulled muscles when doing very little physically; difficulty doing any tasks with the hands because the wrists are giving out; pain of the elbows, wrists, shoulders, legs, or neck; or seizures. For extensive nerve damage to occur, a specific mutated strain of EBV must be present. To be clear, the EBV is not a trigger for Guillain-Barré. It is a cause.

The majority of people dealing with chronic Guillain-Barré are also living with the effects of viral neurotoxins, and the neurotoxins aren’t necessarily only coming from EBV. Shingles, HHV-6, cytomegalovirus, and herpes simplex 1 and 2 can be involved here too. Dozens of mutations of these viruses love to feed on toxic heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, fungicides, fragrances, and petrochemicals, as well as eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and gluten—and produce neurotoxins as waste matter. These neurotoxins find their way to nerve tissue throughout the brain and body, resulting in symptoms such as tingles, numbness, aches, pains, weakness in the limbs, tremors, and even mild bouts of temporary paralysis. The health effects of viral neurotoxins can lead to dozens and dozens of other diagnoses too, including multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS, neurological Lyme, and even diabetic neuropathy.

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This item posted: 15-Jun-2023

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