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Video: From Skeptic To Awestruck

From Skeptic To Awestruck

From Skeptic To Awestruck

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I was initially reticent to @medicalmedium information back in early 2018, one year after I began my journey to heal chronic health symptoms.

As someone with a biological research background — When Anthony claimed that he has “the answers” to all things chronic illness, I cringed.

But I knew that in order to verify my skepticism, I had to actually try what he recommended. After trying everything else in the alternative health world, I had nothing to lose.

So for the past four+ years, I’ve followed his information, each year going deeper into it — and I’ve only improved/resolved symptoms as I’ve implemented more of the info, including his meditations.

This journey has left me awestruck. It’s made me reconsider what I believe, what I value, and what I think is possible.

To those in search of healing who are skeptical of Medical Medium info: I get why you are. You may not like Anthony’s personality, his appearance, his worldview, how much he references his books, where he claims to receive his information, or how science doesn’t back a lot of it. Maybe you just think it’s not worth the investment.

I also invite you to consider the following:

  • Who/what funds scientific studies?
  • When has science ever treated a root cause and not just a symptom?
  • If Anthony was just in it for the money, why is most of his info free (and ad-free) on his website, livestreams, and podcasts?
  • Why does he recommend going to the library if you can’t afford his books?
  • Why doesn’t he just sell 300-dollar cleanses on his website instead of making several hours-long ad-free podcasts?
  • Why are there hundreds of healing stories on his page?
  • As always, the proof is in the pudding. If you’re curious and wondering where to start, the #morningcleanse is a solid intro. Your body will thank you.

This item posted: 28-Oct-2022

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