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Food Sensitivities: Are You Reacting To Certain Foods?

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Food Sensitivities: Are You Reacting To Certain Foods?

So many people these days don’t know what they can eat. They struggle with food choices, and not because they are not educated on various foods to choose or try, but instead because they are afraid for a host of other reasons, one being PTSD towards foods due to a history of reactions and complications that are mostly unexplainable. It’s one thing if someone is seriously allergic to a food such as peanuts and a reaction is life-threatening, in which they have a better chance of avoiding those foods, but it’s another thing if they are reacting to foods and are constantly unsure of which foods and when and even why they are reacting. There are people out there that suffer because they have violent reactions to a strawberry and there are people that suffer when they eat any food because they are living in fear that they are going to feel worse or unwell at any given time. A lot of people have delayed reactions, where the food they are currently eating isn’t causing the bloating they are experiencing in the moment, but it’s the food they ate the other day that is now having a delayed effect, creating their symptoms that they are struggling with now. In this episode, learn how food sensitivities are far more complicated than people realize and how healing is possible, including getting past PTSD relating to eating and food fear.

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In this episode…

  • Discover why bloating issues may not be caused by the foods people think cause them.
  • Learn about the delay in the body’s reaction to certain foods and why you may notice symptoms from a food days after you’ve eaten it.
  • Learn about the landscape inside your gut, from the stuff that’s been in there for years to the pockets, hot spots, narrowing and expansions that all play a role in different symptoms and conditions.
  • Discover how people beat up their pancreases and use them like a credit card.
  • Learn about inflammation of the appendix, how the ileocecal valve can become impacted and stomach glands being burnt out with coffee.
  • Uncover the gut rot that people suffer from and how ammonia can spew through bones, muscles and organs, and can eventually come out of your mouth in the morning.
  • Discover why everything to do with the gut gets blamed on detox, microbiome issues and food sensitivities.
  • Learn what can push someone over the edge with food reactivity and make symptoms appear.
  • Discover what happens when food is moving around inside your intestinal tract.

All this and more, tune in and don’t miss out on this important episode. You can revisit this episode anytime you need it.

This item posted: 06-Jun-2024

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